Obsession's CO2 footprint

On the first of May, in 2020, we started our journey towards a sustainable future. We became a member of the Dutch Alliance for Climate Action. Klimaatplein is the founder of this alliance. By becoming a member, we made a promise to ourselves and the future. We want to operate 100% climate-neutral in 2025 for our internal business.


To achieve this, we need to gain insight into our CO2 footprint by measuring it. In 2020 we started by measuring our footprint for 2019, so that became our baseline measurement. At the beginning of 2021, we calculated 2020, and there was a significant decline. We reduced our emissions from 32 tons to 19 tons, that's a reduction of 40%. To maintain this decrease in our emissions, we are working on sustainable changes. For example, we separate our waste, we are working towards a paperless office where we print as little as possible, and we have replaced our lights with LED panels.

Working from home the past year has had a lot of impact on reducing our CO2 emissions. We want to maintain this even after COVID-19. We will be offering our employees the opportunity to work from home 20 to 40%. This year we will be setting up even more projects to reduce our CO2 emissions.

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