Concept & Creation

Creative events are the way to bring people together, mobilize and inspire. That meeting is a unique opportunity to connect and make an impact. With a rock-solid event concept you ensure that this positive effect of your event reaches further than the day itself. Obsession ensures that the concept development seamlessly connects with your target group and objective, preferably supported by effective communication and flawless organisation.


Event concepting with groundbreaking results

After formulating an objective, a brainstorm and possibly an event strategy, it is time for the event concept & creation to translate the objectives in a creative way. In this phase of the organization process we answer the question: how are you going to design your event? Think of the development of a theme with accompanying pay-off, communication (tone of voice, image, identity) and approach.

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Event brainstorming for original event concept development

Do you need inspiration to boost your creativity? Then you've come to the right place. Whether you are a young or an established company and whether you work in a corporate environment or with the government: Obsession always offers innovative concept development for events to achieve your goals. We stay close to your current identity and target group, and inspire you with new creative possibilities to design your event. How? During a creative event brainstorming session we will help you to form a new view on your challenges and business goals, rethink your format or give your event a creative refresh to achieve your goals even faster.

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Workflow session for your event

Through the creative use of various formats including Fishbowl, Theatre, Scenario Based Discussions, Hackathons, brainstorms and discussion groups we ensure that the visitors of your event stay involved in an enjoyable way. Obsession organizes special workflow sessions in order to choose the most suitable workshop for your event. This way, both visitors and you as an organizer will get the most out of the meeting, which will remain interesting from start to finish.

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The importance of Concept Creation in the current event landscape

The events landscape is constantly changing. Due to current social developments, companies need to come up with creative solutions, both online and offline, to stay connected with their people. Being able to truly connect is crucial for results, but all the more difficult due to higher expectations and decreasing attention spans. Both challenges call for creative solutions: event concepting that excites, inspires and motivates the target group. It requires creative events with which you attract and hold the attention. Obsession is an expert in concept development and helps you to create a strong event concept.

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