Working methods

In our fast-paced digital society, people are bombarded with incentives and information. Communication messages are distributed everywhere and continuously. This has an effect on the attention span: for a live event it is about 30 minutes and for an online event only 7 minutes. To keep your visitors captivated and involved throughout the entire meeting, it is important as an organizer to choose the right working method. A working method that fits the goal and the target group and that manages to hold the attention from start to finish.

At Obsession we use pitches, brainstorms and discussion groups to keep the attendees alert. In this way, both visitors and the organization get a lot out of the meeting and our goal has thus been achieved again.


Organize a teaching method session

What are the different working methods?

An event can take different forms. When you think of a company or organization, you quickly think of a product presentation, team building or networking drink. But even presentations, course days and brainstorming sessions can be counted as events. Based on your goal and target group, we will work with you to determine which form is suitable for you. Is that, for example, a relationship event or customer loyalty event? And is it best to fill it in for dinner, or do we want to introduce a walk-to-talk concept? We will work with you to determine what is appropriate for your situation.