Content & Event Design: the right content and the right chord.

The right content and event design transforms an activity into an experience. It turns your team building into an unforgettable experience and turns your webinar into a moment of inspiration. A mandatory meeting becomes an hour of connection and real contact, a trade show or product presentation transforms into a day to remember.

Our professionals create an event design that goes beyond the day itself. They dare to look at things differently and introduce new possibilities. Of course all with the ultimate goal to realize growth for your business. Because an event is of course inextricably linked to the business objectives and marcom strategy.

Event design en event content

At Obsession, strategy and creativity come together in the event design and event content. From graphic design to the decoration of your location and from the design of the programme to the implementation of the activities: at Obsession we provide event design in the broadest sense of the word.

Discover below what Obsession can do for you in terms of event design and event content!

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Creating an event program

After the Strategy & Advice and the Concept & Creation phase, it is up to our programmers to develop the well-founded creative plans into an actual event programme. Throughout the entire organizing process they guard the concept. This is how we ensure that the picture is right, the message gets told and your objectives are achieved.

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Graphic design

The success of your event is partly determined by the quality and persuasiveness of your graphic design. Both before and after the event there are moments to build on the overall experience of your event. With striking (digital) promotional materials you create impact that extends beyond the day itself!

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Video & Animation

Moving images come in many shapes and sizes these days. From teaser to aftermovie and from video wall to complete video mapping. At Obsession, we know what impact event video and animation can have, which is why we like to include this (moving) content for events in our event strategy advice.

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Data Visualization

Some information is complex or difficult to convey. A picture often says more than a thousand words. A clear (3D) visualization on a large LED screen during your event will quickly create clarity.

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To mobilize visitors, you need good communication planning, engaging copywriting and content for events. Each target group requires a different tone of voice, form and approach. Our professionals are aware of this and always aim for the highest quality!

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