Video & Animation

Video, animation, video registration or a video wall at your event. Moving images come in many shapes and sizes these days. At Obsession we know what impact video and animation can have. That is why (moving) images - when appropriate - are a standard part of our event strategy advice.

Both in the run-up to an event and during and after, there are countless moments on which you can communicate with your visitor or guest. Think of a teaser video, video mapping or video projection at your event, a video report of your event or even event video registration. Whatever form you choose; we always go for the highest quality and the most impact.


Event video and event animation by Obsession

Strengthen your brand with video

If a picture says more than a thousand words, what impact can an event video or animation make? Exactly! That's why we love to add moving images to an event. With video projection or a video wall at your event, you can immerse visitors in your brand experience. With video mapping you can even dress an entire building in your corporate colors, whether or not to matching music. Guests who were unable to attend can easily be involved with a video report, video registration or aftermovie. Some aftermovies are viewed tens of thousands of times and sell out venues or festivals year in, year out. But an event video or event animation is also a good idea for convincing internal stakeholders. A video report or an explanimation can convince them to invest and/or participate.