Digital event

Events will never be the same since the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only short-term changes, as a result of all the measures we are living with but also long-term changes. Covid-19 forced us to reconsider our working methods and look at our footprint. Above all, we see opportunities for digital business events. We are in the middle of a new era in which online will play a more crucial role. The new normal will consist of a combination of live and digital event formats.

Therefore, this is the moment to get acquainted with the possibilities of digital events. Increase your reach, get in touch with your target groups, and achieve goals in new ways. The question 'what do you want to achieve?' remains unchanged as the starting point.


Organizing digital events

Online facilities

We explore which parts of your program are suitable for online and live and make the transition to the hybrid form. In addition, we can offer various facilities that seamlessly match your wishes and objectives. For example:

  • Digital voting systems
  • Break-out rooms
  • Digital coffee corners
  • Network facilities
  • Chat options
  • Keynote video streaming
  • Food court with remote catering
Mock up Coffee Corner

A digital event for your organization?

Events are and will remain custom work. That is why we would like to start a conversation to explore the possibilities of a digital event for your organization. We could meet live, taking into account the RIVM guidelines, or via a video call. Call or email us for more information.

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