Obsession Dialogues

We took the first step in our sustainable journey on September 10, 2020, in DUS Utrecht, during our Obsession Dialogues. This afternoon we started the conversation together. About what? Sustainability within events. We exchanged thoughts, came up with innovative ideas, and we inspired each other. Not only with our employees but also with clients and other professionals from the industry. We want to share six insights that we learned during the Obsession Dialogues.


The most sustainable event company in the Netherlands

Sustainability is crucial for future-proof entrepreneurship. We are committed to becoming the most sustainable event company in the Netherlands. To achieve this, we work together with Klimaatplein and have started researching the possibilities of CO2 reduction and creating our vision.

Make sustainability concrete

We see that a lot of companies are thinking about being sustainable. However, it is still an abstract topic within their company, and they don't act sustainable yet. The trick is to make it concrete for your organization or cliƫnt. The seventeen SDG goals of the UN can be the starting point for change. Use these goals to start the conversation about sustainable options. What are the compensation options or alternatives for catering, energy, and waste flows? Just start talking.


Food waste

Experience shows that a third of the food is thrown away during events. There are opportunities here, sustainability is in small things, and it all starts with awareness. Most companies don't even realize how they can act more sustainably during events. Let's make them aware of the sustainable options. We developed a sustainability checklist that we can use when organizing events.

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Breaking patterns

Sustainability requires behavioral change, which means that sometimes you'll have to get out of your comfort zone. If you want everybody on board with your ideas, you need to repeat your message. It is also crucial to keep communicating about it, for example, when you are no longer handing out goodie bags at an event. Tell people you didn't forget them but that it is a sustainable option.


Is sustainability expensive?

There are two trends that all companies and organizations will have to accept. First, in 2030, the government wants to be 50% more circular by working together with sustainable companies. The second is about the price of CO2, which will rise. Sustainability is becoming the cheap option, even though it might require investments in the transition phase.


Make sustainability approachable

The whole world is facing big changes. Sometimes this makes us uncomfortable. That is why we should make sustainability fun, ensuring that people see and feel what is happening within their company. That sustainability is intrinsic. And that they are proud of the difference they can make to the world.

Curious about our Obsession Dialogues? Watch our after movie or call us. We are happy to discuss sustainable options for your event.

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