Project management

Once your event concept has taken shape, it's time to hook up the project manager. One of our professionals will be your contact person during the entire event organization process. He or she monitors the concept and the corporate identity, liaises with suppliers, the location, event manager(s) and of course with you as the client, in order to flawlessly organize an impactful event.

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Event project management: a profession!

Because every event is unique, every implementation brings new challenges. Keeping a cool head and an overview is what our project managers do best. With our years of experience and network, we always provide the highest quality project management techniques, project proposals and project evaluations, so you can make an impact that extends beyond the day itself.


Live events

At Obsession, we believe in the power of meeting in the form of a live event. This creates momentum and space to connect, inspire and develop. It brings company and people together to start a dialogue, to initiate new collaborations and to develop innovative, creative ideas. In short: a live event helps you to grow! We help you to create a strong project plan for your event, that optimally facilitates this goal.

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Online events

Online plays an increasingly important role in our society. The desire for more flexibility, remote activities and new creative ways to maintain contact is the driving force behind this change. For us this change means: new opportunities! This is the moment to explore the possibilities of online events with our project managers.

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Hybrid events

The events landscape is in full swing: new digital developments and societal changes are causing our needs to change. Hybrid events are the result of the combination of online and physical events. They are not only a necessary solution in the present, but are also the future. Hybrid events offer new opportunities and possibilities to grow your business or brand.

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