Amels 80 Digital World Premiere


Amels' superyachts are made by Damen Yachting. A new star had to be introduced in the spring of 2022: the Amels 80. This first superyacht of the new Amels Limited Editions is already in the making, but is scheduled for delivery in 2025. In order to introduce the Amels 80 to the world, we were asked to develop a concept for the launch of this newest member of the Amels family. But how do you do that if there is nothing tangible to exhibit yet? In co-creation with Damen Yachting, we took on the challenge of developing a concept in this uncertain time that would make the Amels 80 linger in the mind of the online visitor for weeks to months. This with different target groups that had to be taken into account: VVIPs, relevant trade press and the worldwide hunting enthusiast.


The development of ships has been deeply rooted in the DNA of Amels and the Damen family for generations. And just like their history, the construction of superyachts continues to evolve. On March 31, the yacht made its debut via the 'Digital World Premiere Amels 80'. The introduction took place in three parts with the guideline: Evolution is in our Nature. At the beginning of the evening we received a very select group of VVIPs online. In a table discussion, Rose Damen (Managing Director and third generation yacht builder), Espen Oino (Exterior Designer) and Paul Costerus (Interior Designer at Sinot) were taken along by host Immy Barclay in the development of the Amels 80. This VVIP table setting was for a closed group and private and could only be attended by an exclusive invitation. By combining an informal setting with the option to send in live questions, these guests had the feeling of being able to sit at the table. After the table discussion, Rose Damen gave the go-ahead for the official introduction of the Amels 80. This section was viewed by the entire industry and Amels fans worldwide. To give the viewer a good idea of what the Amels 80 will look like in 2025, we developed a tyrofoam scale model that became the centerpiece of the show. This scale model was 1:10, which ment 8-meters wide, and a unique choice for the industry! Through the use of video mapping, the new superyacht came to life. The natural evolutionary elements that inspired the development of the Amels 80 were also given a place in the show through various video projections and modern dance. After the show, the digital audience was thanked and a private Q&A for the trade press took place.

The Digital World Premiere of the Amels 80 has even been awarded with 7x gold and 1x silver at BEA World, Golden Giraffe and Eventex Awards.