CAS 2021


For the Climate Adaption Summit 2021, we had to bring together key figures and stakeholders related to the climate change topic. Together they represent institutions, governments, cities, communities, the private sector, and civil society, including youth movements. We didn't do this by ourselves. Together with our colleagues from PINO concept | communicatie | organisatie and Nathan Wiersema we started this project. We received this project before the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant that our 'live' concept changed from a physical to a fully digital experience. Eventually, we created the Climate Adaption Summit 2021 with a 24-hour live program, completely digital.


A 24-hour online and global program, CAS 2021. 32 world leaders, 50 ministers, 50 international organizations, scientists, representatives of the private sector, and civil society got a platform to discuss with each other and with 18,500 participants about the climate. The Climate Adaption Summit 2021 was different from other climate conferences. During CAS 2021, the public could contribute and discuss the interests of climate change and what we are going to about it in the future. The Adaptation Action Agenda was developed during various in-depth sessions, 160 side events, and presentations by 300 speakers. This agenda provides direction for the accelerated approach to climate adaptation for the coming ten years. During this event, Obsession translated content into programming, among other things. Also, we contributed to the creation of this event on a strategic and project level. We are also actively working on making our internal and external services sustainable. It makes us even more proud that we could contribute to this event.

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