Cirque Du Bunzl


Investing in your own people is incredibly important. Bunzl wanted to do this with a real blast of a party to strengthen the connection between colleagues, further emphasize the sense of family, and to thank all employees for their dedication. The international outsourcing and distribution company has multiple companies that are part of the group. Typically, each company has its own local staff party, but occasionally all the groups come together to experience and celebrate their winning mentality and entrepreneurship. We were asked to organize Bunzl's staff party, with the emphasis on "make it a PARTY".


During Cirque Du Bunzl, over 350 employees gathered at DeFabrique in Utrecht. For one evening, the venue was transformed into Circus Bunzl. The atmosphere of a circus was combined with the vibe of a festival. There was something for everyone in an energetic setting. On the Fairground, multiple circus attractions could be found, including a flea circus. Magicians and fortune tellers roamed around to entertain people with illusions, and the largest space was converted into a dance floor with the DJ duo, the RadDraaiers, and a special act by Wolter Kroes. Mission accomplished. However, there are still 11 fleas missing :|