Joke Smitprijs 2021


Every person who works for the position of women in society should be recognized. With this reason, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has created the Joke Smit Prize. This prize consists of an Oeuvre and an Incentive prize. Both prizes are awarded once every two years to a person or organization that is committed to women's emancipation day in day out. For the presentation of the Joke Smit Prize 2021, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science asked us to give substance to the festive presentation within the theme 'I deserve it', and to come up with a communication campaign in line with the theme.


The presentation of the Joke Smit Prize 2021 was originally planned in December 2021, but was postponed to April 20, 2022 due to the Covid-19 situation. The dazzling evening was presented by Stephanie Afrifa. Together with the public and with Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf as a side-kick, she hosted a conversation with Angela Maas and Charly van der Straten, role models of the Joke Smit Prize. Later in the program, Eveline van Rijswijk performed a piece from her one-woman show 'de Première' and Maya Shanti sang a song about prejudice in which she touched the audience's heart. Halfway through the show, the incentive Prize was awarded to Sun Yoon van Dijk and of course the evening ended with the announcement of the winner of the Joke Smit Oeuvre Prize. This year, the award was won by Agnes Samuel who unfortunately was unable to attend the event. The prize was therefore received by her son and two granddaughters. After the program the guests could chat while enjoying a snack and a drink.

For the communication campaign, we tackled communication in a complete way. This has resulted in a refresh of the corporate identity, an extensive registration/mailing process, a social media campaign for Instagram and LinkedIn, various photo and video content, copy for various media expressions, including the website and a press release after the event. This communication campaign will continue in the near future to keep the Joke Smit Prize under the attention of the target group.