Because of Covid-19, Siemens had to change its annual live tradition to a digital celebration. With an innovative online event, Siemens wanted to stimulate a sense of pride and unity in an eventful year. The involvement and connection with the employees had to be increased, now that many have not been seeing each other for a long time. It had to be an online environment where people can meet, interact, and get inspired. One of the goals for this event was for the employees to get closer to the new management team and to raise internal engagement. So they wanted us to create an environment that embodies the brand and where the focus was on getting together, giving hope, and paying attention to each other.


An online place where modernity meets tradition, combining art, storytelling, and modern techniques, we have given Siemens the real holiday season-feeling that was so important to them. For this unique online Christmas experience, we built a custom-made platform and designed a virtual environment in modern Dickens style. The whole experience took place in a surrounding with recognizable elements for Siemens employees, like the Nieuwe Kerk, the Mauritshuis museum, and Siemens’ head office. We wanted everyone to have enough time to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Therefore we opened the virtual village for an entire week. The village was packed with activities you could enjoy every day. For example, you could listen to a speech from the new CEO, enjoy the Christmas concert of AKO, and play several games. It was also possible to get to know the new Siemens board members better through a Mauritshuis tour where they choose their favorite artwork. Besides this daily program, we created a live online pub quiz where 650 colleagues joined. In the end, we had an average of 400 visitors of all 1300 employees each day during the week at the Kerstival platform, and employees finally felt connected again.