KPN Club Connect

At the beginning of 2024, we organised the KPN Sales Kick-off once again, an annual event designed to stimulate KPN's growth and strengthen the connection among colleagues. Careful thought was given to the programme for this day, not only to be informative but also to inspire colleagues. By combining the core values of unity, pride, and connection, a new concept emerged in which the elements of content, strategy, and energy were highlighted.

The new concept became "Tune into Success." It featured a live radio format, presented by Gerard Ekdom, where various radio segments were covered. Guests were welcomed at Gooiland in Hilversum. The show was opened by Chantal Vergouw, as Chief Business Market of KPN, shared her vision for 2024. The show featured various segments; for example, Hakim Annaciri & Richard van Hooijdonk who gave inspiring talks. Commercial breaks where partners quickly spoke to highlight their collaboration or product were added between the segments. The news during the show was humorously presented by Michiel Eijsbouts on behalf of De Speld. The interactive game show made the day not only informative but also memorable and enjoyable. The show concluded with a surprising award ceremony for the sales topper, KPN Masters 2023.

After the inspiring and interactive radio show, guests were invited to participate in their own sessions. These sessions were divided into different segments and VP's. We concluded this energetic day with a toast to the new year!