KVK Innovation Top 100


The mission of KVK is to stimulate the growth of mkb enterprises. Innovation is one of their most important pillars. The KVK wants to encourage starting companies to take steps with innovation and pays attention to mkb enterprises who are the leaders when it comes to innovation in the Netherlands. Every year, the KVK presents a ranking of the most innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands: the KVK Innovation Top 100. Within this list, not only the number one is a winner, but everyone who is in this Top 100. KVK asked us to organize a program in which two goals would come together. On the one hand, KVK wants to celebrate the 100 most innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands in 2022. On the other hand, the KVK wants to encourage start-ups to innovate within their company in the areas of sustainability, digitization, staff shortages and cyber security.


The afternoon resulted in a diverse program led by Harm Edens in which former participants of the KVK Innovatie Top 100 spoke about the possibilities for starting companies to innovate themselves. Further in the program there were inspiring conversations with top innovators Juul Manders from Balr and Ali Niknam from Bunq. The KVK Impact Award was presented to a small and medium-sized enterprise that has launched a groundbreaking innovation related to the corona crisis. There were exciting performances by illusionist Niels Houtepen, who droped hints about the number 1 of the KVK Innovation Top 100 during the show. Naturally, the evening ended with the announcement of the complete ranking of the KVK Innovatie Top 100, including the number one of 2022. Viewers could actively participate in the program through an online platform, which included some of them in the broadcast. Entrepreneurs could ask their innovation questions via the chat. These messages were included by speakers in the studio during table discussions, polls and interviews. Obsession congratulates the winner of the KVK Impact Award VODDE and the number one of the KVK Innovation Top 100 Grown.bio. But also the 99 other innovative companies!