KVK Innovation Top 100 event


Innovation leads to progress! That's the message KVK (Chamber of Commerce) wants to convey to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) during the KVK Innovation Top 100 Event. The KVK Innovation Top 100 is presented every year, showcasing the 100 most innovative SMEs in the Netherlands. For almost 20 years, KVK has been creating a showcase full of innovation! Through this event, KVK aims to encourage as many companies as possible to innovate and thereby grow. Last year, the themes of digitization, (cyber)security, sustainability, and bringing a new product or service to the market formed the basis for the program. Additionally, together with KVK, we have transitioned from a one-time celebration to an event full of inspiration, networking opportunities, and visibility for the Dutch innovative capacity.


The KVK Innovation Top 100 Event attracted over 350 entrepreneurs to the Prodent Factory in Amersfoort. With various spaces and program elements, including the Innovation Expo, an inspiration podium, networking tables, and live podcast recordings, there was plenty to experience for both the Top 100 winners and curious entrepreneurs. Marleen Basart, during her growth session on healthy growth, took the audience along, and the audience had the opportunity to participate in the panel discussion about degrowth, moderated by Harm Edens. At the networking plaza, participants could engage in further dialogue, where the Top 100 was also displayed as a source of inspiration. The event's conclusion brought about literal connections, resulting in the announcement of the number 1 position, which was claimed by SenseGlove in this edition. With a CSAT score of 89% and an impressive NPS of 49, we can be proud of the result, and a new blueprint for the future has been developed.