KVK Live Adviesdagen


The Kamer van Koophandel's (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) mission is to make life easier for entrepreneurs by offering them information and advice. Even after starting a business, the KVK wants to be there as a valued advisor. Especially the SME and ZZP-ers usually do not have the means to reach out for professional advice. The 'KVK Live Adviesdagen' were created for this purpose, and offer a contact moment between companies to share knowledge, advise, offer inspiration and share experiences. For this edition we were asked to think about a program blueprint and matching format, with the themes of severe weather and digitization as the two main topics.


How do you get answers to your entrepreneurial questions in a short period of time? That question was central to the development of the concept. Everything had to revolve around the fact that the KVK is always there for you. The 'KVK Live adviesdagen' were translated into a two-day online program full of entrepreneurial stories and useful breakout sessions. During a dynamic and recognizable program the main focus was on concrete tools and grips to move forward. Think of legal advice for companies in dire straits, setting up a webshop or a live cyber attack to show what to look out for in a hack. During both days entrepreneurs could ask their questions at any time. Not just via chat, but personally and above all 'live'. By showing the advisory team live, we created the feeling that the KVK is always there for you. From the greenhouse, the accommodation of the advisory team, there was a live switch between breakout sessions to deal with the most common questions. The event was well rated on both NPS and CES. In addition, the event provided new insights on both collaboration and intent to continue growing together.