Mission Maximize


Create a kick-off for KPN's Sales Business Market (SBM) employees in times of COVID-19. After an eventful year, they couldn't come together physically so we made it completely digital. The kick-off aimed to focus on the concepts: inspire, inform, learn and celebrate successes. Besides, this kick-off is the means to load the new strategy and to ensure that KPN employees are 100% committed to achieving the set goals.


In 2021 the SBM employees will go on a mission together. We created Mission Maximize - We Are Unstoppable. The focus points are growth, trust, and acceleration. The goal is to complete the mission by the end of the year 2021. It is therefore a year-round campaign for KPN. During the kick-off, the employees are prepared for their mission. The fully digitized event was broadcasted via an in-house developed event platform from an LED and Augmented Reality Studio.

During the 2-hour dynamic program, internal speakers were discussed, there was room for inspiration from an external speaker and fun and entertainment could not be missing to maintain the focus. The real work will only come after the kick-off because then the mission will officially start. To provide more tools for the mission, 17 different in-depth sessions were also held online. In this way, all employees with the right information and tools get back to work to complete their mission.

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