Open Days Oss


A weekend in which the medicine production of MSD Biotech in Oss comes to a complete standstill due to maintenance does not happen often. MSD wanted to use this moment. That is why they gave interested parties the rare opportunity to take a look on the production floor during two Open Days. We were asked to help MSD during these two special days with the implementation and organization. The open days were aimed at a mixed audience. On day 1, interested parties, local residents and pensioners were welcome. And on day 2, her own employees with introductions took center stage.


On both days, attendees on the site were able to explore the production process from A to Z. The journey took them through three buildings: the warehouse where, among other things, supplies for production are stored, the building where the production starts with the cultivation of cells and the part where the active substance for medicines is extracted from liquid. Along the route, people could get all kinds of extra information about the process and MSD's work. This information was not only gained with the help of information boards, but also with videos and the stories of more than 60 employees who stood along the route and in the buildings. The weekend eventually resulted in more than 3,000 attendees who all came to take a unique look behind the scenes at MSD in Oss.