Opening Sea Lock IJmuiden


Since 2016, work has been carried out to build the largest sea lock in the world: Zeesluis IJmuiden. This sea lock will improve port traffic between the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The historic construction was opened in a memorable way by King Willem Alexander on January 26 of 2022. It was up to Obsession to give substance to this official opening and this festive day on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat and other stakeholders involved, both physically and digitally.


On January 26 in 2022, the inside door of Zeesluis IJmuiden were opened for the first time by King William Alexander. The festive opening of the sea lock could be followed by the residents of the Netherlands through a livestream. During this livestream, a host took the viewers into the story behind the creation of the sea lock. They talked about the positive impact on the ecology, employment, the innovative character of the sea lock and the connection between the Netherlands and the rest of the world. All this was supported with video content, animations, spoken word and short interviews. After the informational part, it was the king’s honor to open the sea lock for the first time. This was accompanied by an exemplary ship that sailed through the lock for the first time. After the opening, several table sessions were organized where His Majesty the King spoke with various of parties involved in the project.

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