Conference GWK


Every year, Goud Exchange Office organizes its staff conference to reflect together on the moments of growth. It is a memorable and connecting day with content, where the employee is central. In addition to the fact that this event had to ensure a connection between Gold Exchange Office and colleagues who work in different countries, it was also very important this year that the theme 'Growing together' was lived through. This was intended not only as an organization, but also to create a complete personal development. The final objective of this event was to ensure that Goud Exchange Office can position itself as an organization where bottom-up input is welcome. We can support a Gold Exchange Office with both devising a connected concept and providing strong support at the event itself.


As a result of the launch of the organizational strategy 2023-2027, with the theme 'Growing together', the content of the program could be devised. Together with around 330 employees, they came together during this inspiration day at Inspyrium, the greenest event location in the Netherlands. In this location the trees (literally) take center stage, so 'Growing together' could really come to life. To make the audience realize that they can do more than they think, several inspiring stories have been told, with the message of sometimes consciously stepping out of your comfort zone so that new experiences can be gained. After the inspiring opening, the audience got to work during several break-out sessions. During these various sessions, discussions were held about, among other things, the values ​​of Goud Exchange Office. But we also looked at who you are as a person, where you stand and what are your developments. While walking outside among the trees, the participants were stimulated with new insights and were able to start a conversation with the management. The participants went home inspired, allowing us to look back on a successful event.