RDW Live


The annual kick-off is a very important moment for the RDW. It creates a moment for their employees to come together and to learn about new developments within the RDW. Despite Covid-19, this year's kick-off was still about reconnecting with employees while focussing on the RDW. The essence of the kick-off is the same as any other year, create a moment that revolves around content, relaxation, and meeting each other. However this year they didn't meet each other physically but digitally.


We created RDW - Live, a dynamic and digital talk show where a host discussed several essential topics and developments for the RDW. We looked back at 2020 with a couple of board members, and of course, we discussed some strategic plans for the RDW for the upcoming year. Because of Covid-19, we couldn't meet each other in real life. However, it also gave us some new opportunities. For example, the number of people who joined us grew from 900 in 2020 to 1200 in 2021. And after the actual event, another 300 employees had the opportunity to watch the kick-off because we recorded the event. This showed us the power of digital.