The Experience Conference


The Independent Dutch Event Association (IDEA) organizes The Experience Conference every year. A day for event agencies and their clients. A day to immerse yourself in creativity. IDEA asked us to contribute in the creation of its set-up and left the entire production in our hands. The starting point for the day: how can we still connect all agencies and clients in times of Corona and strengthen our position as an industry association?


The afternoon resulted in a true satellite edition. The beating heart of 'The Satellite Edition' was a special event venue named SugarCity. We broadcasted the entire program to twenty-five IDEA agencies, where members and their relations could experience the event together, live. This created a series of satellite events, each with personal stories and personal encounters. New style together. And that made The Experience Conference 2020 a perfect time to kick off the new event season in an energetic way. Together, more than 750 people watched a program consisting of keynotes from Duncan Wardle (former Head of Innovation at Disney), Ulrike Tondorf (Head of Live & Experience Branding at Bayer) and many more.