World-class Workplace 2023


Are you sticking your neck out for your employees? And just a little bit more? Then you deserve the World-class Workplace label, a data-driven label that stems from the feedback of female employees. Effectory awards these labels yearly to organizations worth scoring above the benchmark. In addition, Effectory also uses this to get in touch with all label winners, to share challenges and thoughts with each other. We were asked to organize an award ceremony to put the winning organizations in the spotlight and deepen the connection between Effectory and all other organizations. In addition, the event also served as a content generator to increase Effectory's brand awareness in the Dutch and DACH markets.


With the striking office on the canal in Amsterdam, Effectory has a location that we cannot leave unused. With the water in front of the door, we came up with the idea to do the award ceremony just a little differently. On the water!

The day started with 'positive vibes only' through a message from the 'it is never too charging station' while enjoying a coffee made by deaf baristas. Hosts Danielle Jiskoot and Dounia Maakor opened the afternoon together with Effectory's MT. After a short and sweet welcome, two tour boats were waiting at the door, where a unique experience awaited the winners. Short substantive elements including an 'empathy game', Effectory's data report, and a video keynote from's wellbeing officer were interspersed with the presentation of the awards along the route. Together with a group full of enthusiastic Effectory employees, each award was framed with a spectacular spectacle. For example, a flyboarder suddenly shot out of the water, free runners came running out of nowhere onto the quay and festive music echoed over the water from the Effectory sloop. Full of energy and amazement, people came back to toast the joint success, and the award winners showed off on the windows of the canal house. Using our own sustainability checklist, we have made sustainable choices, including electric tour boats, a sign language coffee bar, print-on growing paper, vegetarian catering, and laptop sleeves made from the banners.

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