World tour through your own city


The Hague is one of the Netherlands' most diverse cities when it comes to culture and religion. In order to recognize this diversity and to give Dutch people the opportunity to get acquainted with this diversity, the Municipality of The Hague organizes every two years the 'Wereldreis door eigen stad' (World trip thru your own city). The world trip takes place in the context of the International Day against Racism. On this day, various social and religious organizations open their doors to visitors. Often the various organizations also offer their own program of activities. For Obsession, this was the fourth time that we were allowed to upgrade the concept of this project in co-creation with the Municipality of The Hague.


On March 19, 2022, the World trip thru your own city took place. Within the themes of religion & spirituality, discovery & storytelling and urban & sport, various organizations opened their doors to welcome visitors into their culture. At the meeting point, on the corner of Grote Markt and Spui, visitors could obtain a program booklet and city-map. Within this map, various walking, cycling and bus routes could be found along different organizations, so people could choose their own way of going on a world trip. Furthermore, on the meeting square people could enjoy performances throughout the day by Dope by Demand, Brassband Legendairs, Lion dance Chi Chi Lau, Serbian dance and Alderman Kapteins gave a speech about racism and its consequences.

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