World tour through your own city 2024

The Hague is one of the Netherlands' most diverse cities in terms of culture and religion. To recognize this diversity and bring cultures together, the Municipality of The Hague organizes the 'World tour through your own city' every year. The World Trip takes place in the context of the International Day against Racism. For Obsession, this was the fifth time we co-created the 'World Trip through Your Own City' with the Municipality of The Hague.

This year, the Municipality of The Hague chose a different approach. Various events took place throughout the city for a week to reach different target groups. The week included the opening of an impressive exhibition focusing on the history of racism, stereotyping, and responses to these issues. There was also a symposium with engaging speakers such as Danielle Zawadi and Naomi Antonius, a dance performance, and several interesting workshops. Additionally, there was a children's program where children could roller skate to world music.
The finale of this week was the 'World your through your own city' as we know it, where various cultural and religious institutions opened their doors. Visitors had the opportunity to create their own journey, step into another world, and get inspired. The organizations that opened their doors offered a diverse range of activities, such as world food tastings, theatre workshops, and guided tours. Additionally, there were various walks through the city. The 'World tour through your own city' was a pleasant co-creation between the Municipality of The Hague and Obsession, with the Municipality organizing the weekday activities and Obsession being responsible for organizing the 'World tour through your own city' on Saturday, 23 March.