Westfield Lights On


Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is the shopping center of the Netherlands. The month of December is traditionally characterized by family, friends, unwrapping and gifts. For the Mall of the Netherlands, this is one of the most important periods. They want to kick off the period with a "Light On" event, where the entire shopping center will be lit up in a Christmas atmosphere and thus attract visitors to them. To open this festive event, Westfield asked us to put on a dazzling show that shows guests that Westfield is the ultimate lifestyle location and the place to come shopping.


'Be a star this holiday season' is the concept we came up with for this issue. Experience the luxurious and extravagant mall as the perfect place for Christmas shopping. To reinforce the theme, a large luminous star was placed in front of the mall entrance. It was up to us to make this theme come to life. We did this by creating an amazing show that, through storytelling, took the visitor along the 5 Christmas pillars of Westfield. We created, through snow, icy costumes and Christmas lights, a show in a winter atmosphere, which was presented by Miljuschka Witzenhausen. Visitors could enjoy dancing, drumming and singing while being amazed by the illuminated Mall. After the light show, visitors were welcomed inside at the food theater. While enjoying a snack or drink, here they could again enjoy atmospheric entertainment and live music. In order to do this within the corona measures, a safe seating area was developed which fully complied with the corona guidelines. Not only the outside of the mall was illuminated. Inside, various illuminated d├ęcor pieces were placed to give visitors the "feel good" feeling of the holiday season. The Light On event symbolizes the start of the Christmas season and invites everyone to discover the Mall in all its Christmas spirit.

In co-creation with Solid Rental

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