World-class Workplace 2022


Every year, Effectory awards labels to organizations that score above the benchmark for involvement and employership. World-class Workplace is a label that recognizes excellence in employership and serves as a measure of true value. This year Effectory asked us to create a unique award event to celebrate and put the best performing organizations in the spotlight.


This edition of the World-class Workplace was also an interactive and inspiring show with participants from home and abroad. Partly because of the diverse audience, but also because of Effectory's international ambition, we have given this year's World-class Workplace a hybrid look. Anyone could participate in the program through an online platform. For the implementation of the program we used the core values ‚Äč‚ÄčListen, Learn and Lead as themes for various program components. Effectory kicked off with a look behind the scenes of the striking developments based on its own data. Professor Dave Ulrich then took the audience on a tour of the latest HR trends and awards were presented by the WCWP between the program components. After the program, attendees were given the opportunity to network both offline and online. Offline in the form of a drink and online through a special network module on the digital platform.