Zukunft Personal - Community Event Effectory


Effectory wanted to create a unique event during the Zukunft Personal Fair where business and pleasure come together. Moreover, they wanted to transport their guests to the event in a unique way. How could we fulfill this visionary desire while emphasizing Effectory's expertise in HR and their commitment to feedback?


On September 13th we put on a great event. During the day, Effectory shared its expertise on creating the best workplaces and HR solutions such as ESG and PsyGB. . The addition of the Riksaw bikes as a means of transport gave a unique twist to the day and became an instant hit among the guests. But the evening belonged to the Effectory Community. From custom-made burnt sweaters to captivating keynotes, everything exuded class. PE303 became the perfect location, with a great view of the Rhine. The atmosphere was electric, with a DJ providing the perfect soundtrack for the evening. In short, the evening was a perfect balance of business and pleasure, making the event unforgettable for all attendees.