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Client event

One of the special aspects in working for Schiphol is the fact that most of the events take place at the airport itself. We get to creatie and produce events in very special venues. From the terminal to secured custom areas and from the office buildings to hangars with huge machinery. Every project we tackle new challenges together with our client and create maximum impact in special venues.

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Schiphol Business Awards

On a yearly base Schiphol organizes their Business Awards, to show appreciation to their partners and place a spotlight on their most inventive products and services. Awards are presented for subjects as sustainability, hostmanship and innovation. Obsession creates and organizes the award show, as well as all the communication and content surrounding the awards.

Schiphol Afscheid CEO Obsession 2018 Nico Alsemgeest 0035

Schiphol All Staff Event

A unique event for all employees, in which the entire Management Team updates their team. The strategy for the upcoming period is shared and the social cohesion is enforced.