Chained to the event with Amber Jobse

For ten years Amber Jobse invented television formats for, among others, RTL, Videoland and AVROTROS. But in 2021 she was ready for something new – pun intended. Amber wants to use her knowledge in a wider perspective. As the new program maker for Obsession, she uses everything she learned from television to develop events that stick long after the last guest has left. By choosing content. ‘We have to start seeing online events as making TV.’


Amber Jobse thinks and dreams in concepts. And with that conceptual DNA she has been working along productions such as Tom’s England, I Can See Your Voice and First Dates since 2012. Her ten-year plan? She achieves it in just under seven years when she gets hired as Head of Development at Warner Bros. ITVP. Yet even in her dream job, her hunger for creativity keeps rumbling. ‘I have learned so much. But wherever you work – at Talpa or the NPO – with television, you always must return to the same frameworks. That of a limited number of channels. And I wanted tot think more extensively.’

Amber says goodbye to her long-dreamed position in search of a place where she can use her expertise in a more diverse way – outside the boxed television screen. She finds this place with an open application at Obsession. As a program maker. ‘The possibilities at events are endless.’

The program maker

A program maker ensures that the content of an event fits perfectly with the concept and the goal that a client has in mind. And just like a TV program has a format, the program maker creates and monitors the format of the event. One time, mainly advisory. The other time, the program maker will personally collect the stories and develop them down to the last comma. In addition to the program maker making your event more impactful and effective, this right-hand person can also take a lot of work off your hands if an internal communication department has less time for it.

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Event location: the internet

As a former television producer, Amber also brings a lot of new knowledge to the event industry in her new role as program maker. Knowledge that Is essential in the changing world of events. Hans Klaver, Marketing and Sales Manager at Obsession: ‘The event landscape has been changing for some time and that brings new forms with it. Digital or hybride, events move into a completely different playing field. That requires different expertise.’

Because how do you captivate your audience from behind the screen of their laptop when every 'ping' of an incoming email can be the end of their attention? ‘We have to start seeing online events as television’, Amber pleads. And if it is up to her, we do that in all aspects: Content – how do you tell a person’s story? Visual – how do you translate the tone of the event into an image? Captivating – how do you create a tension that keeps your audience hooked to the end?

‘At Obsession, I want to experiment with clients who dare to do so. Looking for new way to tells stories, shoot shots differently and portray people in an innovative way.’ As a former television producer, Amber sees great opportunities for online events. ‘Normally at the event, you let the audience decide for themselves where they look. But as a television producer, you direct their gaze. You decide. And because of that, you can focus completely different.’ In addition, she sees opportunities to pass on a message for a longer period. ‘The information you share at an event can sometimes be valuable for weeks, months, or even years later.’ By directing that content instead of just registering it, an event becomes a source of content, according to Amber. ‘Therefore, you can use the moment before and after to reach your audience.’

A platform for every event

Despite her expertise in capturing images, Amber will also be involved in offline events. There, too, she uses the knowledge she gained in the media about keeping people fascinated and extract a reaction or action from the public. Amber mainly pleads variety. ‘If you plan several events throughout the year, make sure that some are live and some online. And let the content determine the platform and not the other way around.’ In the eyes of Amber, each platform has its own strength. Hans agrees. ‘For example, you start with a series of webinars. Then a live event. Then a road show. All of which are complementary to each other.’

Whatever the platform, one thing always applies: events with impact are events with content. Content that is qualitatively and conceptually in line with the goal. Amber: ‘I want to help our clients create unity in this – to make it as strong as possible.’ And so, she dares to dream big with her position. ‘If you dare to innovate, we will do it with you.’

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