Good for the industry, good for agencies, good for clients

As the industry body for live event agencies in the Netherlands, IDEA is committed to advancing the interests of its members and the industry. It does this by serving as a knowledge partner, advising on content and creation, and now also as a quality assurance body. The IDEA quality mark will raise the standard of excellence in the world of live communication and events. Agencies, clients and the industry itself will all benefit. Jan Liebregts, managing partner at Obsession, explains how and why.


“As a strategic event agency, we are delighted that IDEA has established a quality mark. It will help clients navigate the jungle of hundreds of event agencies in the Netherlands and make the right choice. The quality mark is only awarded to audited agencies that specialise in all aspects of event production, from advice to delivery. This full-service approach is consistent with our proposition as Partners for Live. Obsession develops a strategy and oversees the creation and production of live events. The quality mark testifies to our expertise and professionalism. It confirms that we are creative and competent and reliable as a company. This is helpful for clients to know.”


Passion and professionalism

“The quality mark will encourage event agencies to up their game. Member companies that apply for the quality mark must meet certain requirements in terms of financial stability, transparency, passionate professionalism, insurance and legal expertise. To retain the quality mark, they must successfully complete a comprehensive audit every two years. In my position as a board member of IDEA, I was involved in the development of the scheme from the start. We felt it was important to demonstrate our commitment to represent the leading live event agencies in the Netherlands. The introduction of the quality mark makes this very clear.”

The IDEA quality mark for Obsession

Awareness campaign

“The introduction of the quality mark coincides with an awareness campaign created by my fellow board member Inge Overtoom of BrandBase, which advises clients to ‘Choose Live. Choose Wisely’. Live events turn a message into an experience. So live is the obvious choice. But when selecting an agency, it is important to make a wise choice that will stand the test of time. The IDEA quality mark helps clients and agencies in this respect. Obsession and its fellow agencies are proud to hold the IDEA quality mark. Together we promote the power of live events.”

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