A great concept is a combination of WOW and HOW

Solutions meet creation. And this is exactly where the power of our creative planners lies. In your dreams, the sky is the limit. But coming up with a creative concept that isn’t tied in with reality is promising customers the road to Eldorado while saddling project managers with an impossible task. That’s why the creative planning department at Obsession combines a healthy dose of originality with professional knowledge and organisational strength to develop concepts that are both relevant and achievable.


“We don’t just come up with creative concepts, but also look at how achievable they are and what the result should be. This starts with converting the client's specifications into a concept that ties in with the goals, target group, budget, planning and organisation. And that tie-in is where our added value lies”, explain Marijke de Wit and Fleur Munniks de Jongh Luchsinger. “We are actually able to deliver on our promises.”


Experienced duo

Marijke has years of experience, is familiar with all the locations and suppliers and, after 13 years of project management at Obsession, is fully dedicated to plan development. Fleur has a communication background and worked for a number of agencies, where she was responsible for brand activations and large business campaigns. Together, they are the link between Sales and Operations. “We create a tailor-made plan for every communication challenge, combining the ideas from an internal brainstorm session with site visits and quotations from suppliers. The result is an overall concept, both visually and with regard to content, which is so much more than a creative idea or an estimate. The event is right at the heart of it all. Around this, we develop the resources that bring the message across, with as final goal bringing about a change in the way people think, feel and act. We come up with solutions and provide guidance.”

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Controlled impact

By thinking about this in the early stages, you take full advantage of the power of live. Through an event you can increase people’s involvement in your company, brand or strategy, collect content or explore a theme in co-creation with your employees or customers. Always our starting point as a Partner for Live. Marijke: “A question we always ask, which we’d like to share with all our clients is: what do you want the target group to know, believe and do after the event? Are they inspired? Are they spurred into action? Are they able to expand their network and exchange provocative ideas? Or will the event boost your position as knowledge leader?”


Always tangible

“No matter the response, we’ll use it as a guideline for the development of a plan that reinforces it”, Fleur explains. “With an appropriate communication strategy, the right tone of voice, distinctive event branding and a content programme that hits the heart of the matter. If you stand for a society in which everyone can participate, then you should have this reflected in every part of your event. The choice of catering already makes a difference in this respect, for example through the use of ex-convicts or people who are at a disadvantage on the labour market. You no longer need to specifically point out your dedication to inclusion; it’s an integral part of the concept. And that’s something you can truly feel; something that inspires you and invites you to actually live it.”

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