Event Advisor, a tactical added value

In-depth questioning, making the vision and strategy tangible and, above all, continuing the organisation’s strategic focus. That is the role of an event consultant in a nutshell. Marieke Govers, event consultant at Obsession, takes a helicopter view while at the same time zooming in on all aspects of the event process. “Taking a moment to contemplate the why and how of your actions lets you achieve genuine growth.”


As Partners for Live, Obsession oversees, directs, and organises every aspect of an event, from idea to impact. An event advisor works on the interface between strategy and operational knowledge. Govers explains: “It is not unlike a communications consultant. I, too, keep my feet on the pedals and my head in the boardroom. This lets me express the added value of an event much more effectively. It is an instrument – provided it is used properly – that contributes to insight, innovation and growth. It is also worthwhile to take a look at the bigger picture. How does the event contribute to the strategic goals? Is the timing tailored to the rest of the marketing mix? What is the social context in which it is conducted? And what do you want to achieve with the event?”

Making goals tangible

“Asking questions, I’m a real pro at it”, smiles Govers. “Questions that invite you to take a step back and consider the bigger picture. For example, what is the significance of a sustainability goal with 60% green projects? Why has this goal been defined and how is it reflected in business operations?

Are you willing to clearly translate that core value into the basic principles of the program and concept? If you define concrete event goals based on the organisational goals, the impact will be much greater than the results of a single day event. In other words, the event will become part of the primary process and a way to gauge the current situation and involve your employees, clients and business partners in developments. Monitoring that and carrying out that process together results in genuine progress.”

Powerful mix

The role of an event consultant originates from Obsession’s Partners for Live positioning and is in line with the changing role of the event industry. Govers explains: “More and more companies and organisations are realising the power of ‘live’. The United Nations, for instance, contacted us for advice on the structure and content of their Public Service Forum. This initially involved the content of the international program and appropriate working methods. It was not until later on that we were asked to also translate this content into the event itself.”

Building bridges

To make the process and preliminary phase of an event tangible, Obsession developed the ‘Let’s go live’ program tool. This tool defines the idea, target groups, basic principles and cornerstones in a structured manner. An event consultant serves as a bridge builder in this process. Govers : “I enjoy the challenge of connecting all of the different levels: strategy and operation, concept and implementation, and between the client’s team and the Obsession project team. I do so from a distance yet also from the centre. If a client says that his expectations have been exceeded, I know I have done my job right.”

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