Get to know: Jaimy

Meet Jaimy, the 30-year-old Project Manager and Operations Lead who has been making his mark on Obsession's success for five years. In a recent interview he told us about his career at Obsession.

How did you end up at Obsession?

That's actually a fun story: during my education I always did internships in the field of events. From local parties to contributions to festivals; my passion for creating experiences brought me to FJuze in Amsterdam. After spending two years there and learning a lot, I realized it wasn't the right place for me. Then I continued exploring and a friend said to me: 'Have you ever heard of Obsession?' Without any vacancies, I took the plunge and sent an open application. The rest of the process went quickly: a few conversations with a cup of coffee and 2 days later I already had a contract in my mailbox.

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What drives you in the events world?

For me, the appeal of the events world lies in actual results and collaborative efforts. You work together with your colleagues towards something. You are really making something and that gives you a certain kick. Result-oriented work and the diversity that project-based tasks offer keep me involved. For me, every day is almost different, emphasizing the dynamics of my role.

What is your most memorable experience at Obsession?

What I thought was a special project was the Climate Adaptation Summit in 2021. This was a climate summit that Obsession organized during COVID. Despite the challenges of the corona period, we managed to create a fully online 24-hour program, spread over 4 channels. Together with international organizations and Pino, we have established three studios in The Hague, two studios in Switzerland, one studio in England and two studios in America. A mega project, and what an experience!

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Your vision and dreams within Obsession?

My dreams within Obsession? Good question... I hope that we continue to grow as a company and that we can do assignments for even more large employers. With the growth of our team comes more challenging projects, which stimulates everyone. This means that the team of project managers continues to grow and develop. This creates more leadership challenges, allowing us to achieve even more impressive work together. I especially hope that we can improve together and carry out larger, more impactful assignments.


This was Jaimy's story about five years of successful project management at Obsession. Would you like to know more about Jaimy? Feel free to send him a message. Curious about more stories from our specialists? Let us know!

Photo credits: Lonneke Noordeloos & Nico Alsemgeest