The GODL-award, two prices in one

The professionals of Obsession work day in, day out, incredibly hard to make every assignment a success. At the beginning of each year, we take a moment to reflect on the achievements of our colleagues over the past year. Ever year, one of those colleagues stands out with a very exceptional performance. To put this colleague in the spotlight, we created the GODL-award. In 2020 we postponed the award ceremony due to Covid-19. Now that the situation surrounding the virus appears to be behind us, we announced the winner of both 2020 and 2021 at the beginning of 2022. Project managers Amber Fleury and Jaimy van de Meer were the ones to uncork the champagne this time.


The GODL award was created in 2009 and has since then been awarded to 12 (former) Partners for Live. But what makes this award so special? During the team kick-off of each year, the management takes a moment to look back on the previous year for each colleague. After all colleagues have received a personal anecdote, there is one person left. The winner will be extensively honored at that time. Not only with a physical award, but also with a sustainable privilege.

A two sided award

Besides that the winner of the GODL receives eternal fame, this colleague can also choose a second prize. This side of the price is in line with our sustainable journey and the importance of corporate social responsibility. In addition to making our processes and events more sustainable, we at Obsession find it extremely important to be able to give something back to society. For this reason, the lucky winner can choose a social cause for which we, as Partners for Live, will do something together

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Participation Night of the Refugee 2022

In 2021 we had a special moment during the presentation of the GODL. Amber and Jaimy for the Refugee Foundation together. The situation in Ukraine makes this edition of our GODL campaign extra special. “We noticed that the situation in Ukraine is living under the whole team. That is why we have chosen this goal” according to Amber and Jaimy. On June 18, 2022, we will participate as Team Obsession during the Night of the Refugee. At 7:00 PM we start a 20 kilometer journey through Utrecht to raise money for the Refugee Foundation. Would you like to help us with this? You can donate through the following link. On behalf of the entire team Obsession, thank you very much.

Past winners

Since the first award ceremony in 2009, many (former) Partners for Live have already received this award. View the former winners here.

2021: Amber Fleury
2020: Jaimy van der Meer
2019: Tineke Santing
2018: Marleen van der Zalm
2017: Marieke Govers
2016: Tom Blansjaar
2015: Mieke Put
2014: Karin Boerkamp
2012: Marijke de Wit
2011: Michael de Kraa
2010: Thomas Wieringa
2009: Jan Liebregts