Gold & silver at BEA World Festival

The project 'Amels 80 - Digital World Premiere' for Damen Yachting has been awarded with gold and silver at the 17th edition of the BEA World Festival. At the award ceremony in Rome, the case was voted the best of its kind in the Product/Service Launch category. In addition, the project finished second in the Digital Event category. The BEA World Festival is the most prestigious initiative when it comes to recognition in the event industry. In total, more than 40 countries competed for the prizes.


The Best Event Award (BEA World) is an international award in the event industry that recognizes creativity & innovation, execution, effectiveness, channel strategy, relevance and the overall quality of a project. "After gold in 2020 for KPN Mission Maximize during the Global EventEx awards, we once again prove that we can compete at the highest level. I am extremely proud that we can say that we have made the best product launch in the world. A real team effort," says Hans Klaver.

The power of a different approach

Breaking with conventions can certainly be seen as the most important factor for the success of the Amels 80 Digital World Premiere. The target group consisted of three different groups: VVIPs, general public and relevant press. This launch event combined the needs of these three groups. Using a tailor-made online platform, it was possible to set up three different tracks, each with its own unique approach. Designing a digital event program that broke with the traditional approaches to launching products within this particular industry made it possible to stand out and achieve a high frequency of interaction with one of the most difficult audiences to reach. This approach and way of breaking with conventions at a launch event certainly made this project worthy of an award.

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The program for this launch was devised by our own program maker Amber Jobse. "The most important thing is that we looked at each part of what could really be the next evolution. How can we take everything a step higher? For example, the table conversation was filmed close so that it seemed as if you were also sitting at the table and this gave you the idea as VVIP that you were really there. We eventually incorporated this personal approach into the entire show and during the press conference. With each component, we looked at how we could renew it without losing sight of our goal," says Amber Jobse.

Are you curious about the approach, performance and the final debut? Watch the award video of this gold and silver awarded project below or watch the entire case.

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