Golden Giraffe for Amels 80 launch

Once again, the project 'Digital World Premiere Amels 80 – Evolution is in our Nature' has won an award for Damen Yachting. During the presentation of the Golden Giraffe in the TheaterHangaar in Katwijk, the case was awarded gold in the PR & Media Value category and received an honorable mention as runner-up in the Brand Events category.

Oscars of the Dutch Event Industry

The Golden Giraffe Event Awards, also known as the 'Oscars of the Dutch event industry', are organized annually, recognizing the most impactful projects. Being able to demonstrate the value of online and live events to a company brand is based on what it's all about. "To get back on our feet after a turbulent period and immediately stick our necks out again" was the goal of this year's Golden Giraffe Event Awards, according to Sjoerd Weikamp - Editor-in-chief of After an afternoon full of pitches, the jury, consisting of 18 marcom and event professionals, assessed the projects by means of motivation plus a final grade.

Though cookie to crack

This year we competed, together with our partner Live Legends, in two different categories. In the category 'Brand Events' we came across events that contribute to the positioning and/or strengthening of the brand experience. In this category, we competed against 8 other cases, including the Hamilton Bright Group who were allowed to organize the introduction of the new Samsung phone. The second category, 'PR & Media Value', concerns events that had generated an exceptional and high-quality reach with their production. Think of product launches, but also openings or activations.

“AMAZING. After the success in Rome during the Best Events World, we can also cheer in the Netherlands. The unconventional approach was also seen and awarded here. We are beaming!” – Hans Klaver

Amels80 2022 Nico Alsemgeest 0026
Unconventional approach is decisive

The unique approach of this event is what made it stand out. The fact that we were able to accommodate three different target groups in one event is unique and made possible by the new mix of live and online. In addition, the online platform gave us the opportunity to receive 22 prospects. This number from a very difficult niche to reach is exceptional. In addition, the event resulted in 3 sales, 5.7 million media impressions and in particular the mention in Forbes magazine comparing the launch to Steve Jobs' famous iPhone presentation.

Are you curious about the complete approach and implementation of this award-winning project? Watch the case video below and discover the whole case.

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