The start of our green journey

Sustainability may no longer be a question in the year 2020. It is the ultimate condition for future-proof entrepreneurship. We should not only think sustainable but above all act sustainable. For this reason, Obsession has joined the Dutch Alliance for Climate Action. It is a platform which provides assistance for organizations and institutions in order to realize a 40% CO2 reduction in 2025.


We take it one step further and have set ourselves the goal to operate 100% climate-neutral in 2025, in our own operation and in the collaboration with our customers and suppliers we will operate 100% climate-neutral in 2030. We have marked 2020 as our ground year in order to gain insight into our CO2 footprint. We are guided in this process by Klimaatplein, who has initiated and set up the Dutch Alliance for Climate Action.

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Starting point

We start with a zero measurement from which we develop a roadmap covering our goals and actions for the coming years. In any case, we will make our office fully sustainable. In addition, we will explore the sustainable options within the whole chain of business events and optimize them. This will relate among other things to carbon CO2 emission, the supply of green and circular energy, live- and online event formats, food and beverage, waste and disposal, and the social return of events.

Eye for inclusion

We believe that sustainability is not only about climate aspects. It is also about operating responsibly on a social level, in the broadest sense. A sustainable event is also an inclusive event that generates chances for young people, students, and people with a distance to the job market, like ex-prisoners and people with a disability.

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A matter of partnership

What counts for all and everyone; we obtain sustainability together. It is a co-creation, a partnership. It is about sharing knowledge and taking responsibility. In the coming period, we will start conversations with our clients and suppliers about how we can reach sustainable growth for and with their organization. In the field of business events, we see a lot of chances to make sustainability an integral part of starting points and approaches. Also in this matter, we strive to operate 100% climate-neutral in 2025. As Partners for Live – ánd Life – we explore the ways to make this feasible and workable.

Obsession Dialogues

We already took our first steps on September 10th2020 in DUS Utrecht. During Obsession Dialogues, we entered into a conversation with some of our clients to talk about making our industry more sustainable. An interesting dialogue arose about the opportunities, threats, and possibilities to make events greener. This resulted in great insights that we use to further shape our strategy. You can read the main output here. Take a look at the photos and the after movie of Obsession Dialogues.

Would you like to know more about our vision on organizing climate-neutral and how we can assist you? Please contact Gerben Plasmeijer.

Photo credits: Van Nelle Events & SmartFlower