The encounter remains, the stage shifts

With the most recent press conference by the prime minister still etched in our collective memory, it is clear that Covid-19 continues to keep the world in an iron grip. The business event landscape seems to have changed forever. Dramatic, yes. Disastrous, not necessarily. The current situation, more than ever, demands creativity and resilience on everyone’s part. There is a need for both vision and decisiveness. Luckily those are in alignment with our core values.

Corona crisis demands both vision and decisiveness

We are looking into a number of scenarios and are painting a picture of how companies can continue to engage in dialogue with one another, both today and after the crisis has come to an end. It starts with the guiding principle of continued interaction: organizations want and must stay in contact with their employees, suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

Need for connection

The need for connection and co-creation is considerable. We can only get through this together. As Partners for Live we are always pursuing sustainable growth and how to enable this. Our job is to come up with creative solutions that achieve goals and make sure your message strikes a chord, convinces and brings people together. Nothing has changed to that need, nor to our approach, only the stage shifts. Literally. Instead of people going to an event venue, we bring the digital arena to the people.

Appathon for Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

The strength of LIVE online became clear last weekend, when we facilitated the Appathon on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, in which seven parties pitched their proposals for a corona app. No fewer than 95,000 people watched the live stream and we received 800 questions! We are also organizing ten online events for The Hague Marketing and a major pharmaceutical company has asked us to help them make the switch to digital in order to continue informing and bringing together their employees.

New normal

Corona has been a wake-up call and challenges everyone to view their approach and footprint in a whole new way. As far as I can see, hybrid is the new normal. We can also easily host an international conference online. We already offered this option, but there is now a sense of urgency to create a fully-fledged, high-quality online event component with an impact. Obsession is up to the challenge! We are quickly making the switch and expanding where necessary. We have appointed a Digital Event Officer in our team of professionals, dedicated entirely to sparring about the online possibilities for your organization. As always, that dialogue starts with the question: What do you want to achieve? After all, in a world that is undergoing dramatic change, it’s nice to know that some things remain the same.

Pushing the envelope

We love a challenge, so we welcome your request. We’re happy to brainstorm with you and consider the alternatives. After all, hybrid is all about pushing the envelope. A new balance needs to be achieved between online and offline, business and private. Let’s use this time to create just that – together!