Digital or hybrid events

The COVID-19 virus has our country and sector in a firm grip. Naturally this impacts us all, both as individuals and as a team. But Partners for Live don’t just give up and quit when things are getting tough. We continue to come up with ways to help our partners achieve sustainable growth. As a creative and strategic agency, we’re always looking for new ways to bring people, brands and organizations together. But is this even possible now that events are no longer allowed to be organized? Absolutely!

Empty venues, digital possibilities and working from home

Not only is there a tremendous availability of event venues, moderators and project managers, but as virtually everyone is at home working remotely with a computer, there are an equal number of opportunities for hybrid events. After all, the need to stay in contact with one another is now greater than ever. We need to continue to share knowledge, eliminate uncertainty, explore scenarios and motivate and reassure others. All of this is possible through online events.

Digital or hybrid events: online + live

A digital or hybrid event form contains both online and live components. The ‘live’ part takes place at a suitable location, where we set up a studio and organize a webinar or talk show. This can be done at an external (event)location or in the familiar setting of your own office. Naturally, we comply with all health guidelines from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), i.e. a minimum crew size, sufficient personal distance and hygiene measures.

Connecting remotely

The ‘online’ part is made possible through live video. One of the greatest advantages of this is that you are in direct contact with your viewers. If there are any questions, you can answer them immediately or provide more details on the spot. Also you can engage with your audience. Perhaps you want to submit a few concept ideas to your employees or clients or gauge the current sentiment through an online voting system during the event itself. Live video facilitates involvement and keeps everyone connected. It also lets you grow your company and drive the brand experience further. After all, a product launch, internal kick-off or conference is ideally suited for a hybrid approach.

Hybrid events

A digital or hybrid event in 5 steps

1 - Virtual introduction

A digital or hybrid event starts with a round of introductions - digitally via Skype or Zoom. We explore the needs of what and who you want to reach and why. The landscape of online and hybrid events is just as versatile as for live events and we would be more than happy to tell you more about the possibilities for your organisation and goals.

2 - From possibilities to proposal

After the round of introductions, we create a debriefing in the form of a creative concept, action plan and offer. In it we show how your goals can be reached through an online or hybrid event, the type of (event) location we would like to use, the digital and other tools that are most suitable, and the technical aspects. As a strategic event partner, we also take into account the use of marketing, communication and social channels to give your event an extra boost and reach the right audience.

3 - Organisation and creation

Once the proposal is accepted, the next step involves organisation and creation. This ranges from developing the content of the programme and preparing the necessary technical infrastructure to making a creative conversion to a studio setting, event styling and assisting the speakers and participants from your organisation. This step also includes a schedule and social content calendar.

4 - Digital or hybrid event

The online event can be designed as a webinar, talk show, TED talk, scenario planning, and so on. As with a live event, we consider aspects beyond the online event itself. In anticipation of the event, we start involving people content-wise or sparking interest. This may entail sending in materials that will be needed during the event or an inspiring run-up through social media. And also your catering-moment can be integrated. Think of a surprising 'Event Food Box' for your audience at home. The result is a guest journey that your customers and employees will not soon forget.

5 - Follow-up and embedding

Follow-up is just as important as the digital or hybrid event itself. We are happy to brainstorm with you on how the content and insights gained, can benefit your people, brand and organisation further. From an exciting recap of the event to short clips for sharing afterwards.

Curious about what our creative minds can accomplish?

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