Partners for Live

“The organisational role of event agencies has become matter of course. And rightfully so. We are no longer willing or able to position ourselves solely as an organisation that makes sure a conference, anniversary or meeting is properly arranged. Although this is still important and the basis of what we do, our real added value is on the strategic, creative, and process-based level.”


These are the words of Gerben Plasmeijer from Obsession. “We’ve started approaching events as an aspect of strategic communication, a means of helping our clients achieve their goals. And the challenges they face speak for themselves in a world that is becoming more interlinked by the day. Climate issues. New forms of mobility. Ways to stay innovative as a large company. Making the future of work tangible. But also celebrating successes. Reviving core values and making sure everyone remains on board.”

‘Live’ generates a wider context

“An event offers an excellent opportunity to tap into current sentiments, get inspired, and arrive at new insights together with clients and stakeholders”, explains Gerben. Why? “Because it’s LIVE! Because the strength of personal contact is at its most palpable. This in turn ensures an impact that goes beyond the event itself. One that is measurable, sustainable and embedded in a wider context. So we present event concepts hand in hand with an execution plan, all related communication and, if necessary, PR and media.”

Strategic go-getters

“In recent years, we’ve evolved along with these developments. Challenges have become bigger and more complex. We not only provide an answer, but have developed a vision and organisational structure based on our experiences and insights. That is why we now base our approach on four disciplines. Strategy. Consultancy. Creation. Project management. The stratification of our services ties in with the stratification of society.”

From vision to form

“We used to come into contact with clients through the organisational dimension. Nowadays, we’re a fully fledged strategic event partner who can provide an entire team to deal with any type of challenge or request. This requires brainpower, creativity and rock-solid project management and ownership in order to define and monitor everything from strategy to execution with a keen sense of proportion. We call this ‘from vision to form’. It is one of the cornerstones of our new approach.”

Partners for Live

“It’s as if all links click together perfectly – our passion, our vision, our expertise and our experience. We have become a specialist in events and communication, strategy and creation, process and result, both corporate and public. This makes us partners. Partners for Live. And that is how we will present ourselves from now on. We are proud of our new brand and market positioning that encompass everything we believe in. The ampersand will continue to be our token and logo – the crown on our work, the events we create and organise and, above all, the symbol of co-creation and sustainable collaboration. After all, Partners for Live are also partners for life.”