Strategy & Advice

Obsession is your partner in the field of events and communication. With strategy, advice and creation, we provide events that make an impact and grow your business. With our strategic thinking, creative solutions and organizational talent, we are a multilateral partner who, if desired, can take over the entire management of your event.

Strategic sources

At Obsession, we direct events that extend beyond the day itself. We aim for a long-lasting impact with lasting results. We understand that an event is not a one-off meeting, but an important part of the marketing strategy. We see your event as a strategic means to achieve your business goals and grow your business. For this it is important that you convey the right message with effective communication and design, just like a suitable program and a flawless organization. All aspects that Obsession takes care of.

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Event strategy

Our strategic creatives know how to design a surprising and effective event for every occasion. Whether it concerns an internal event, product presentation, team building, open day or a presentation: we ensure that your event is just that little bit different. Better, more interactive and more effective. Due to our experience with events for both business and government, we feel at home in many markets and we know the needs of different target groups. Moreover, we can handle live events as well as digital and hybrid events.

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Event target group analysis

When you organize an event, it is wise to determine the target group of that event in time. If you have your visitors clearly in mind and have mapped out their wishes, you can seamlessly tailor the concept, programming and even location and catering to them to make even more impact. Obsession can help you determine your event audience by means of a target group analysis.

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Program advice

Concrete, complete and creative: that is the program advice that event agency Obsession has to offer. After a target group analysis and/or creative brainstorming session, we know exactly what your event needs to make even more impact. We link this back to you in a creative program advice.

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