Our sustainable journey

Sustainability should no longer be a choice nowadays. It is essential for future-proof entrepreneurship. Not only thinking sustainably but also acting sustainably. That is why we have decided to devote ourselves to a sustainable future for our industry and the world. This with one goal - within our organization, we will operate 100% climate-neutral by 2025, and also, we will organize all our events 100% climate-neutral in 2030. We cannot possibly do this alone. In the coming years, we will work together with our Partners for Live (clients, suppliers, sustainability specialists, and our people) to make the event industry sustainable and resilient.

Why we think sustainability is essential?

As an event agency, we create large-scale projects for a wide variety of organizations. We bring together various groups to convey a message. As a strategic event partner, we organize more than just one moment. What does it do to our environment? Do we involve everyone? We believe it is essential that we contribute to the future and believe that now is the time to make a difference. Sustainability is our new reality. We work hard every day to achieve a sustainable future.


Our sustainable pillars

Our journey

We've set a goal for ourselves, to operate 100% climate-neutral internally by 2025. We want to show you our sustainable journey. In the timeline below, you can follow our process until 2025.

2020 2025

Start green journey

Jan 1, 2020

Member Climate Alliance

Coorporation with Klimaatplein
May 1, 2020

Our sustainbility compass

4 Sustainable Development Goals
Jun 22, 2020

Start of internal sustainability

The first step towards a green Obsession
Jun 25, 2020

Obsession Dialogues

6 learnings for a sustainable future
Sep 10, 2020

Sustainability table

Continue the conversation about sustainability
Oct 28, 2020


A 40% reduction in one year
Jan 29, 2021

Sustainability checklist

Sustainable options for your event
Feb 1, 2021

Our CO2 calculator

Measure your events CO2 footprint
Jun 7, 2021

Sustainability pilot together with JDE Professional

Checklist thoroughly tested
Jan 21, 2022

Aug 29, 2022

Do you want to calculate the CO2 footprint of your event? Use our calculator!

We believe it is essential to be aware of the CO2 footprint you leave behind after your event. That is why we created this CO2 calculator. It gives you an idea of how sustainable your event is. Try it now and find out your CO2 footprint.

Sustainability video