Our sustainability compass

Last year we started our sustainable journey. In the next few years, we will commit ourselves to make the corporate event industry more sustainable and climate neutral. To do so, we take the United Nations climate goals, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), to lead us during this journey. From the list of 17 SDGs for global transformation, we chose four goals that suit our organization. These four SDGs point us in the right direction and are like a compass to us. Find out how we will contribute to achieving these goals.

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SDG #8 Decent Work and Economic growth

Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

We see this goal as an opportunity to commit ourselves to social return. We want to create employment opportunities for people who have a distance to the labor market, in both our events and at our office. It could be in the form of an internship, general office work, helping during productions, or catering on location. We are also exploring the possibilities of starting a partnership with a local social initiative.

SDG #12 Responsible consumption and production

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

This SDG gives us tools to implement changes both internal and external. Internally, for example, it relates to the way we commute to work and energy consumption. We also look at how we can motivate our staff as much as possible to build a sustainable lifestyle. In addition, we are also involved in healthy food, sustainable energy, and we separate all our waste at our office.

Externally, this is also an essential SDG for us. Just like internally, we look at waste separation, organic or vegetarian catering, and green energy. We will, of course, discuss this with our clients. That is why we developed a checklist. We can go through the checklist with our clients when we start with the project and make sustainable choices. That's how we make the sustainable options clear. We also show our clients how much CO2 they would have to compensate to make their event climate-neutral. We want to take the worries of finding sustainable alternatives out of our clients' hands. Curious about our checklist? Call or email us.

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SDG #13 Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

We focus on education within the team in the field of sustainable processes. By doing so, we make sure that our staff is fully aware of all the sustainable options in our business. So they can convey our sustainable vision to the clients. We are also looking into sustainable options for suppliers and locations. The next step is to create awareness among our partners and suppliers about organizing sustainable events. Our goal is to organize all our events 100% climate-neutral by 2030, and of course, we can't do that without our partners. Besides that, we are exploring our options for a personal CO2 compensation project. We want to contribute to the reduction of climate change permanently.

SDG #17 Partnerships for the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

To this end, we actively look for partners in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship. At the moment we work together with Klimaatplein. They help us on our way to a climate-neutral future. Together with Klimaatplein, we have formulated our objective: 'Internally we operate 100% climate-neutral in 2025 and in addition we organize all our events 100% climate-neutral in 2030.'

We have created our CO2 calculator in collaboration with Klimaatplein. It is a tool where you can calculate the CO2 footprint of your event. In addition, you also get to see what it takes to compensate for the emissions. Of course, we would also like to talk to you to discuss options for organizing a more sustainable event in the future. Please contact us.

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